New Orleans Private Ghost Tour Guide

Carie Ewers is the exclusive tour guide for all Ghost Tours provided by La Vie Orleans Tours. Carie Ewers was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. As a small child, Carie had the ability to see and connect with spirits, and she has been mastering her skills ever since. On a trip to New Orleans at the age of 5, Carie first discovered the magic of New Orleans and began unlocking her gifts.

As an adult, Carie’s love of New Orleans brought her to the city full-time. Since her arrival, she has both worked as a spiritual reader and studied the haunted history of the city. When hosting family and friends visiting New Orleans, Carie shared her knowledge and gave unofficial tours as a hobby. Eventually, she decided to officially become a licensed New Orleans tour guide. With Carie, you are guaranteed to have a friendly and professional guide. She loves telling the stories of the spirits of The French Quarter with equal parts passion and compassion.

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