Experience the two neighborhood gems of New Orleans in one immersive walking tour. To start, the French Quarter is the oldest settlement in South Louisiana and holds some of the most rare points of interest in America. Additionally, the Garden District offers a wonderfully magnificent neighborhood stroll. Therefore, on the French Quarter + Garden District Walking Tour, we will explore and discover the history and stories that bring both areas to life.

French Quarter + Garden District Walking Tour

To begin, we will start with a 1hr 45min walking tour of the French Quarter. Highlights will include Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, Madame John’s Legacy, the Mississippi riverfront, and the Lalaurie Mansion. Next, we will hop in an Uber/taxi and scoot over to the Garden District. We will visit Lafayette Cemetery #1 and learn about the peculiar burial techniques. Then, we will enjoy the many beautiful Garden District homes, including the Anne Rice home, the Buckner Mansion, Colenel Short’s Villa, the Benjamin Button house, the Manning home, and the Briggs-Staub house. Finally, we will end the French Quarter + Garden District Walking Tour either by Uber/taxi or streetcar, depending on timing and your preference.

French Quarter + Garden District Walking Tour Details

– Owner Ashton Rogers personally conducts all tours.
– approx 4 hrs in duration
$325 for up to 6 people
$35/person for additional guests over 6 people
* For larger group size, please contact in advance.

Arrival / Misc.

– If your hotel is within the French Quarter, then I will happily meet you there.
– Otherwise, the tour will begin at 710 Royal Street inside of the Royal Mask Shop.
– Tour typically ends at St Louis Cathedral on Royal St. in the center of the French Quarter.

Payment / Refunds

Reserve Now Online!
– Payment is typically required upon booking, unless circumstances require otherwise.
– If requested least 72 hours in advance of the tour, then full refunds (minus expenses) will be given.

French Quarter + Garden District Walking Tour

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