Ashton Rogers

Ashton Rogers – Solo Owner/Operator/Tour Guide

About Ashton Rogers

Ashton originally moved to New Orleans several years ago to attend Tulane Law School.  During his time at Tulane, his main focus was the law. However, Ashton’s interest constantly wandered to the culture, lifestyle, and entertainment that the Crescent City had to offer.

After graduating from Tulane Law in 2012, Ashton had decided that he wouldn’t practice law. He briefly considered becoming a local high school history teacher.  Instead, Ashton realized that he could take that passion for history and turn it into a fun and thriving business.

So in Fall of 2012, Ashton threw caution to the wind and created La Vie Orleans Tours  (roughly translated as “New Orleans Life”).  The company is young, but running a small guide company has already been more fun, fulfilling, and successful than ever imagined.


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